Some Leftists Fear the Transgender Movement Has Gone Too Far

Gender dysphoria is an uncommon psychiatric disease that serves as the foundation for transgenderism, also known as “gender identity disorder.” The number of persons who are afflicted with the illness is not yet known. Diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria may be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), which is considered to be the bible of the field of psychiatry. It is expected that between 0.002 percent and 0.003 percent of those born to females will have Down syndrome, compared to between 0.005 percent and 0.014 percent of those born to men.

This only accounts for a tiny fraction of the total population. A poll conducted in 2014 among adults found that there are 1.4 million persons who describe themselves as transgender. Parents who are led to believe that their child is transgender by inept teachers, therapists, or psychologists and who subsequently consent to their child receiving drugs, hormones, and other medications were excluded from the survey. These parents were led to believe that their child is transgender.

It is very evident that there is a significant problem. It is not quite obvious that administering puberty blockers to children who are unsure about their gender may enhance their mental health. Despite this, they are still widely used across the United States. A significant number of psychologists are of the opinion that anxiety problems may be mistaken for gender dysphoria.

A physician who identifies as transgender and goes by the name Erica Anderson recently gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times in which she stated that while the acceptance of transgenderism has been a positive development, she was shocked to learn that 13-year-olds were getting hormone treatment without having ever been evaluated by a psychologist.

According to Anderson, who was the head of the United States professional association for transgender care until very recently, Anderson feels that it has gone too far in this direction.

“For a time, we all felt happy that society was accepting of gender-variant children and that more families were accepting them”.

She said that, “Now, it’s reached the point where there are kids presenting to clinics whose parents are saying, ‘This just does not make sense.’”

The following was reported in the Washington Examiner:

Concern about the extreme direction transgenderism has gone is shared by a number of people, including Anderson. There is a heated discussion going on in Europe among psychologists and medical professionals who believe that providing “gender-affirming therapy” for young people is more of a response to a societal phenomena than it is a real medical treatment that is supported by research.

According to the available evidence, they are correct. It is not a coincidence that more young individuals now identify as transgender as the practice of transgenderism has gained greater mainstream acceptance. It used to be that gender dysphoria was a rather uncommon mental disease, but today it’s being touted as a treatment for everyday social and emotional worries. Because of this, there has been a significant increase in the number of young people who identify as transgender; yet, the great majority of these individuals would recover on their own if given sufficient time.

More and more often, transgender persons who have had gender reassignment surgery come to regret their decision. Those who have had gender transition surgery have a much increased risk of taking their own lives.

The results of a big research that was carried out in Sweden revealed that the incidence of suicide for individuals who underwent sex-reassignment surgery 10 to 15 years later increased to 20 times the rate that was seen for their counterparts. The Aggressive Intelligence Facility at Birmingham University conducted a study of more than one hundred follow-up studies on transgender individuals who have had sex modifications. It came to the conclusion that there was no convincing evidence to prove that the surgery was helpful. A large study that was published in 2019 in the United States had to be revised a few years ago when it was found that transgender persons who had gender reassignment surgery exhibited considerable improvements in their mental health. According to the findings of the research, there was no benefit associated with surgery for future hospitalizations due to mood disorders or anxiety disorders after an attempt at suicide.

Transgenderism is a consequence of an unhealthy preoccupation with the unattainable. According to a recent statement made by Ross Douthat of the New York Times, the situation is quickly developing into a “grave political-medical scandal.” Which can’t be defended against in any way. It is unacceptable for women to be coerced into using the same restrooms, locker rooms, or participating on the same sports teams as males. Adults and young children who are battling the challenges of maturation shouldn’t be forced to share toilets, locker rooms, or sports teams with males. This includes both public and private spaces.

Anyone who was aware of the frenzied response that the transgender community has to any resistance or any hint that their method could be wrong or hazardous should have understood that the belief system of transgenderism has become practically cultic in nature.

It will be difficult, if it is even conceivable, to “deprogram” transgender campaigners or the ardent followers of their cause. Because they are uninterested in listening to reasoning, facts, or accepting alternative points of view, it will be tough to break through the brainwashing and disclose the truth.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Public Integrity Forum.

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