Trump Was Stabbed in the Back by Piers Morgan’s Inaccurate Edited Interview

Rupert Murdoch, a reporter for Fox News, is going to get a furious phone call, if he hasn’t already had one. I think this will happen.

The first episode of Piers Morgan’s newest program, TalkTV, aired on Tuesday night. It is going to be shown on Murdoch’s brand new network. During the advertisement, Trump and Morgan can be seen arguing, and it culminates with Trump requesting that the camera be turned off.

Murdoch also owns The New York Post, which said that Trump abruptly left the interview in the middle of answering a question out of anger.

NBC News has now published a fresh article that purports to prove that Trump and Morgan’s feud came to a peaceful conclusion.

WASHINGTON — The interview that Piers Morgan had with Trump was captured on tape by NBC News. Trump did not abruptly leave the set, despite what may seem in manipulated promotional films.

According to a statement made by a representative for Trump’s campaign, the two candidates complimented one other and laughed at the conclusion of their Talk TV interview. Talk TV is owned and operated by News Corporation, which is controlled by Rupert Murdoch.

The interview will be shown on TalkTV on Monday. Talk TV gave viewers a sneak peek at the interview with a video including dramatic music. Additionally, it shows Trump becoming irate in response to Morgan’s queries. The video and the claimed walkout were the subject of a story that was published in the New York Post.

We do not yet have access to the recording, but it is possible that it will be stated in a piece written by NBC News that supports Trump. Taking into account their past, it would seem that the opposite is true.

Piers Morgan is a shill for the leftist establishment. I am sorry for the advertisement. My faith in the integrity of the Murdoch-owned media outlets led me to believe that they would not fabricate information on Trump’s interview. I was under the impression that I could have faith that Murdoch-owned publications wouldn’t fabricate an interview with Trump. This was particularly true when their relationship throughout the years was taken into consideration.

As can be seen from the preview, the quality of the whole interview is really poor. Morgan and Trump engaged in a heated conversation about the upcoming election in 2020. Even with judicious editing, it is impossible to produce dialogue like this. These tense exchanges will be worthy of being covered by the media.

This makes me think of the interview that Leslie Stahl had with Donald Trump on 60 Minutes many years ago. Your answer should be something like this.

As was the case with the interview with Stahl, the issue is the dishonesty of the network.

Donald Trump is going to issue a formal statement. It will be fascinating to see if Morgan, Murdoch, or all of them are involved.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Public Integrity Forum.

Written by Staff Reports

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