State Department Offers Counseling for Misgendered Employees

The liberals have gone too far again! The State Department is offering counseling services to employees that were misgendered during a new email system rollout. According to the Washington Free Beacon, scores of employees were randomly assigned various pronouns on their email addresses – oftentimes the wrong ones. And now, instead of fixing their error, the State Department is wasting taxpayer dollars to provide counseling services to those who were ‘wrongly’ addressed.

They introduced a new email tool which allowed employees to add preferred pronouns to their name displays on emails, rather than just including them in email signatures. This is ridiculous! It’s not the job of the State Department to accommodate these petty preferences! The purpose of the State Department is to strive towards the well-being of the American people.

One would assume the State Department has more important issues to address, but instead, the liberals are focused on acting as though biological sex and gender are interchangeable. They say they want to be “inclusive,” but who exactly are they including? These demands only cater to a small group of vocal activists, not all of America. It’s obvious that the State Department only cares about further dividing Americans, turning them against each other, and weakening our nation from within.

This “glitch” might have caused some discomfort among these government employees, but providing them counseling services only continues our country’s slide towards the nanny state. What’s next? Free massages and aromatherapy to all those who were misgendered in the office? Taxpayer money should not go towards frivolous services like counseling, especially when it is the fault of the State Department itself. The sooner they stop indulging these petty demands, the sooner they can refocus efforts on more important issues.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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