Biden’s non-binary luggage thief arrested AGAIN

Once again, the left’s virtue signaling has led to another criminal being given a free pass. Recently, ex-Biden official and self-proclaimed non-binary individual Sam Brinton was arrested for the second time after stealing women’s clothes from suitcases at various airports. Brinton was arrested by Maryland police and taken to the Montgomery County Detention Center after being connected to another incident of luggage theft at an airport in Washington.

According to reports, Brinton’s spouse was not allowed to leave their home when the four unmarked police officers showed up to arrest Brinton. This shows the disregard for the law that some on the left have. They will even go as far as to prevent someone from carrying out their lawful duties to uphold justice.

But this is not Brinton’s first brush with the law. In October, Brinton was arrested for stealing a women’s suitcase from Minneapolis-St—Paul airport, which was valued at $2,325. Two months later, a similar charge was filed against Brinton in Las Vegas, where they had stolen a suitcase worth $3,670; it contained $1,700 in jewelry, $850 in clothing, and $500 worth of makeup. These incidents should not be taken lightly, but the left has once again enabled and excused this behavior without holding them accountable.

Perhaps it was Brinton’s status as the first non-binary staffer to be hired by the Biden Administration that made them believe they would get a free pass. But justice does not discriminate and regardless of one’s sexual orientation or identity, the law must be upheld and equally applied. The left’s obsession with political correctness has led to a dangerous disregard for the law, which in turn harms society. It is time for the left to recognize that enabling criminal activity is not acceptable, regardless of who commits the crime.

Written by Staff Reports

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