Stephen Colbert LOSES IT On Late Show

It’s International Women’s Day, and while most people would celebrate the progress and achievements women have made, those on the Left seem to be using the day to further their pro-abortion agenda. In fact, some liberals were left sobbing in the street due to the recent Dobbs decision, which overturned the highly controversial Roe v. Wade decision, allowing states to have more control over abortion laws. Leave it to Stephen Colbert to use this day to push his own liberal bias, declaring that the downfall of Roe v. Wade is just as bad as the systemic oppression facing women in the Muslim world. What a logical fallacy!

On the Late Show, Colbert ranted about the supposed state of women’s rights around the world, claiming that the United States was one of the worst offenders due to the Dobbs decision. He referred to Justice Samuel Alito as a “turd” and compared him to the Taliban. How disrespectful and offensive, yet not surprising from a so-called “comedian” on the liberal agenda.

Colbert also lamented that the future for women looks bleak, despite the progress that has already been made. He sarcastically quoted U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who apparently thinks it will take 300 years for gender equality. Colbert then scoffed at Fox News for pointing out how absurd that timeline is, suggesting that they want to “cancel Hooters.” Is that really the best he could do?

But why let the facts get in the way of a good narrative? Abortion is still legal in the United States and has not lead to the death of scores of women. Yet, here we are, listening to liberals whine about the progress that has been made on this day of celebration for women. It’s time to focus on the real issues faced by women worldwide, such as the oppression of women in the Muslim world, where they often have limited rights and are forced to live under strict religious laws.

It seems like Colbert and his fellow liberal comedians have lost their touch when it comes to being funny. Larry David may be a liberal, but at least he knows how to navigate serious issues like abortion and turn them into comedy gold without getting overly emotional. It’s time for liberals like Colbert to get a grip on reality and stop pushing their agenda on everyone else. It’s time to celebrate the progress that has been made and focus on the real issues that women still face.

Written by Staff Reports

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