Texan Politician Makes Fun of Teenage Victim of Sexual Assault with Racial Slur

After it came to light that she had made a racial statement against a Republican official and harsh comments about a kid who had been the victim of sexual assault, a Democratic candidate for the Precinct 2 seat of the Tarrant County Commission stirred up controversy.

During a private conversation on Facebook, Republican candidate Alisa Simmons, who is running against Democratic candidate Andy Nguyen for the seat, made some disturbing comments about a young girl named Journi, who had been taken away from her mother by Child Protective Services (CPS) due to some questionable allegations.

The second individual asked Simmons why she had posted disparaging words about Journi and her mother, Brianna Baucum, while they were engaged in the private conversation on Facebook. In her letter of response, Simmons, who was also the chairman of the NAACP chapter in her area, stated:

Ms. Baucum deserves every bit of sh*t she gets for disclosing confidential CPS documents, and I spoke with Carmesha, the caseworker on the case, and I still don't give a damn about it. Thank goodness the worst that happened to her daughter was a sexual assault in foster care. It's possible that she will turn up dead. This Justice for Journi Bull s**t from her followers DESTROYED my campaign. Get in touch with Tinderholdt That white trash won't assist her or her dummy of a kid, that's for sure. Everyday, children are kidnapped.

She gives off the air of being a really alluring woman, doesn't she? WV NAACP/status/1318217653245431811

Simmons made a reference to Tony Tinderholt in her statement; Tinderholt was the candidate that defeated Simmons in the contest to represent Texas district 94 in Congress in the year 2020. It would appear that she is still resentful enough about her defeat to have made racial comments about the individual.

But her comments regarding Brianna and Journi Baucum, who both happen to be black, were particularly offensive. This is especially true when considered in light of the real circumstances of the case, which appear to have nothing in common with what Simmons stated in her message. According to the Dallas Observer, the information that was sent to Child Protective Services (CPS) concerning the situation was misleading, which means that Baucum lost her daughter for something that she was not responsible for.

According to the report, Baucum, who is now 29 years old and survived the foster care system in Texas herself, has not been allowed to reside with her daughter since CPS ordered her to give up custody on August 28, 2019.  Neither Child Protective Services (CPS) nor the police at the University of Texas at Arlington (where Baucum is a student) have closed the case barring Baucum's mother from seeing her daughter again.

Nguyen was quite critical of Simmons' disrespectful and offensive comments regarding race.

The residents of Tarrant County Commissioner Precinct 2 deserve to have elected representatives who uphold the highest standards of honesty and dignity. After reading my opponent's vulgar and racist words, I found myself in a state of profound distress. In his words, someone who has run for office as many times as Alisa Simmons should know better, regardless of the circumstances in which the statement was made.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on RedState.

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