The Evidence Is In: Kamala Harris Lied About Her Background

The Vice President, Kamala Harris, has once again made a dubious assumption regarding her life story, which can be easily disproved by her critics.

The idea that Harris was a liberal activist even when she was a child and a teenager was easily debunked by skeptics who simply needed a calendar and a few seconds on Google.

The farmworkers movement was a huge part of my youth, Harris said in an interview with the Nation that was published on Monday in honor of Labor Day. The interview was released in commemoration of the holiday.

She was embarrassed to declare, I didn't start eating grapes until my 20s, because it seems so quaint.

Harris stated that he had actually never eaten a grape in his life.  When I tried a grape for the very first time, I remember thinking, Wow! This is excellent in every way. It was drilled into my head from a young age to never, under any circumstances, cross a picket line.

Harris was referring to a grape boycott established by union officials in reaction to labor demonstrations, albeit the boycott's dates did not line up with the vice president's remarks.

From 1984 until 2000, the United Farm Workers apparently sponsored a grape boycott, as reported by the New York Post. If Harris had consumed even one grape while she was in her "twenties," she would not have followed her previous statement and participated in the boycott.

Even before the grape affair, Harris had been found guilty of making claims that were not true.

She claimed in December 2020 that her family had celebrated Kwanzaa annually ever since she was a tiny child. However, the chronology showed that the ethnic festival hadn't even been established yet when she was born, therefore her statements were highly implausible.

In an interview from February of this year, Harris admitted that she used weed in college to the tunes of Tupac and Snoop Dogg. However, a cursory examination of the timeframe found that the musicians in question did not record their songs until after Harris had completed his education.

Many people on the right have pointed out that Harris has an odd habit of repeating words and phrases while he is giving formal speeches. They have also poked fun of this habit.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Examiner News.

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