A Judge Agrees With Trump’s Choice For Special Master

A court in Florida has given the go-ahead for the person whom 45th President Donald J. Trump chose to examine his records in the lawsuit involving the raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Thursday was the day that Judge Aileen Cannon selected Raymond Dearie to serve as the special master for the case. Former Chief Judge of a Federal Court in the Eastern District of New York, Dearie is now a judge on the federal bench. In 1986, then-President Ronald Reagan gave him his first appointment to the bench of the United States Court of Federal Claims. Currently, Dearie serves as an active judge for the senior status category. Peers agree that he exemplifies the meaning of the term “old school gentleman and unfailingly polite.” He is also described as being the “platonic ideal of what you want in a judge.”

In addition, the request for a stay that was submitted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) was turned down by Judge Cannon. The Department of Justice (DOJ) made an effort to avoid a review of the approximately 100 papers that were acquired in the raid, but their request was ultimately rejected. The legal team for President Trump claimed that a special master was required in order to guarantee that the Department of Justice returns private papers that were taken during the raid.

The deadline that Judge Cannon has set for Dearie to do his job is the 30th of November. Initially, the Department of Justice (DOJ) asked that the process be completed in October; however, the legal team representing Trump requested that they be permitted 90 days. During this period, he is to submit interim reports and suggestions “as appropriate.” This is under the instructions given to him.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann.

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