The Trump Indictment – A Bold-Faced Sham Exposed!

In a recent episode of “Stream of Kurtiousness,” Kurt Schlichter tackled a variety of topics. He began by discussing the latest Trump indictment and labeled it as complete bull*hit. As a conservative republican news writer, this analysis comes as no surprise. Schlichter went on to make some major 2024 predictions, keeping the speculation alive and exciting for conservatives everywhere.

The conversation then shifted to two notable figures: Mike Pence and Tim Scott. Schlichter declared that they can “go away forever,” suggesting that their political careers are no longer of interest to him. As a strong conservative voice, Schlichter’s disapproval of Pence and Scott adds an intriguing twist to the discussion.

Finally, the segment closed with a scathing critique of “establishment RINO losers” hailing from South Carolina. Schlichter humorously questioned what might be in the water down there that leads to such questionable political choices. With his trademark humor and unique perspective, Schlichter’s take on South Carolina’s political landscape provided a lighthearted yet pointed observation.

Overall, Schlichter’s “Stream of Kurtiousness” dissected current events and conservative politics with wit and candor. His unfiltered opinions and predictions kept the audience engaged and entertained. For conservative readers, Schlichter’s analysis provides a refreshing perspective on these pressing issues.

Written by Staff Reports

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