Top Democrat Embarrased and Mocked During Hearing After Absurd Accusation

In yet another display of partisan theatrics, Ranking Member Jerry Nadler faced much-deserved criticism and laughter during a House Judiciary Committee hearing today. Nadler had the audacity to suggest that Chairman Jim Jordan was doing the bidding of former President Donald Trump, as if it’s a bad thing to support a president who put America first and delivered historic economic growth.

The hearing, which was supposed to be about crime in New York City, predictably turned into a circus as Nadler couldn’t resist making wild accusations against Republicans. Nadler claimed that Committee Republicans designed the hearing to intimidate and deter Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who recently indicted Trump. But we all know that Democrats have been on a mission to persecute Trump ever since he announced his candidacy in 2015.

Nadler’s comments were met with laughter and ridicule from the audience, with one member even saying “You got to be kidding me.” It’s no surprise that Nadler, a Leftist Democrat from New York, has always been a vocal critic of Trump. His ridiculous claims only serve to show the desperation of the Democratic Party, which is so obsessed with taking down Trump that it’s willing to undermine the duly elected district attorney of Manhattan.

The fact is that Trump’s political persecution has become a contentious topic because Democrats have nothing else to run on. They continue to complain about election interference while simultaneously dismantling the top GOP candidate’s campaign for 2024. But the American people aren’t fooled by these partisan games. It’s time for Democrats like Nadler to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on these ridiculous hearings and start focusing on real issues that affect hardworking Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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