Why Hasn’t the FBI Raided these Liberals Accused of Wrongdoing?

Reports that the government of former Vice President Joe Biden authorized a raid on a resort owned by Donald Trump in Florida have left many Americans in a state of shock.

People couldn’t believe what they were hearing, but the raid demonstrates how Democrats are becoming more extremist and are intent on causing harm to Trump and his allies.

The spectacular raid on Mar-a-Lago revealed the hypocrisy of the FBI, which favors certain offenders despite their criminal behavior.
The federal government chooses to ignore crimes committed by organizations linked with the Democratic Party’s radical left wing.

It is puzzling, and it has led us to question who has managed to dodge an FBI raid.

Since 2019, the “Laptop From Hell” has been in the custody of the DOJ.
The laptop exposes Hunter’s illegal behavior as well as Joe Biden’s awareness of his son’s involvement in international commercial transactions.

Hillary Clinton is accused of deleting or destroying thousands of emails that expose her role in covering up illicit lobbying by the Clinton Foundation. The emails are said to reveal that she played a role in covering up the lobbying activity.
The FBI decided to release her.

A lawyer for the Democratic Party named Marc Elias contributed to the “dossier” that was used to probe Donald Trump and his campaign.
His transgressions were not penalized in any way.

James Clapper and John Brennan stoked the fires of the Russia hoax by claiming that Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell” was “Russian Disinformation” that would hurt the chances of the Democrats winning in 2020.

Adam Schiff was the one who started the first impeachment process against Donald Trump by distributing false information about his ties to Russia.
He justified his surveillance of President Trump and his legal staff by citing the now-disproven Mueller report.
Schiff has not yet taken any action related to the Judiciary Committee.

Eric Swalwell claims that top Democrats have contracted yellow fever after engaging in sexual activity with Chinese intelligence agents.

While far-left domestic terrorists in the United States torched major American cities in 2020, Kamala Harris, who was serving as a senator at the time, provided funding to an organization that assisted Black Lives Matter protesters.

Even socialist states have issued warnings to Black Lives Matter about abusing the nonprofit status of their organization.
The FBI and the Department of Justice have not taken any measures to halt the widespread movement.

The FBI is not going to charge James Comey and Andrew McCabe for leaking classified information about Donald Trump to the media.
Since then, they have made millions of dollars through public speaking, book sales, and appearances on television.

Trump and his friends have been subjected to unwarranted harassment on the part of federal officials.
The FBI has conducted investigations into several prominent figures, including Paul Manafort, Peter Navarro, Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon.

Written by Staff Reports

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