Trump: Biden Knew Of Mar-a-Lago Raid

Donald Trump, a former president, claims that Joe Biden was informed about the Mar-a-Lago raid. On Tuesday, Trump posted on Truth Social that "Biden knew everything about this, just like he knew all about Hunter's transactions." The raid, according to the 45th President, was an unprecedented breach of every American citizen's fundamental rights. Additionally, he said that extreme left-wing Democrats have no sense of shame and that the nation will suffer as a result.

Trump claimed that the FBI forbade his attorneys from seeing the Mar-a-Lago raid's activities. He questioned why the FBI "strongly" demanded to be left alone during the search on Truth Social on Wednesday.

Trump continued by saying that everyone had been told to leave the area. He said that nobody could see what they were taking or perhaps "planting." The 45th President added that "despite big disputes," neither former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nor former President Barack Obama had their homes raided.

An attorney with Save America named Christina Bobb offered her thoughts on the FBI raid on the 45th President's home and estate. White House Correspondent Daniel Baldwin spoke with Bobb to get an exclusive response.

Trump pleaded the fifth throughout his deposition with the New York attorney general. On Wednesday, he used Truth Social to explain why he didn't answer Letitia James' questions.

Trump said that he did nothing wrong and that he is trying to protect his family from a politically motivated, politically unjustified witch hunt. He made reference to James' enmity toward him even before she was elected.

The Trump business is the subject of a civil fraud investigation by the attorney general, which includes allegations that it misrepresented its financial situation to banks, insurers, and the Internal Revenue Service.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on OANN.

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