Biden Administration Stops Ukraine’s Aggression Against Russia Using US Military Equipment!

The US military has told Kyiv again that it doesn't like the idea of using US military weapons to attack inside Russia's borders. The United States will not help Moscow launch an offensive operation. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley has said again that the Biden government doesn't want Ukraine to use US equipment to attack Russia. This statement comes after it was said that American armored vehicles were seen during an attack on an area of Russia. Concerns have been raised about whether or not the US is giving Ukraine weapons and equipment that could be used in aggressive operations against Russia.

The US has asked Ukraine many times not to use any US military gear to attack Russia. But it looks like these pleas have been ignored. Gen. Milley would not confirm claims that a group of Russians fighting with the Ukrainian Armed Forces called the "Freedom of Russia Legion" used Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, or MRAPs, made in the US during the incursion. Russia's troops seem to have taken some of the U.S. gear used in the raid. They have posted video of the damaged and shot-up vehicles.

Even though MRAPs are used by many countries, the US is the only one that is known to have sent them to Ukraine. Reuters said that some of the wrecked cars in the video were Humvee trucks. It is clear that Kyiv has denied having anything to do with the Belgorod raid, and the Biden administration says that US military backing is only meant to help Kyiv push Russia's forces out of Ukraine in self-defense, not to do offensive operations in Russian territory.

We don't need another foreign snarl-up, so it's good that the Biden government has caught on to this. It could be very bad for our country if we got into yet another war. Russia has already shown that it wants to hurt the U.S. by showing off the weapons that the U.S. supposedly gave to Ukraine. This is a dangerous situation, and it's time for the U.S. to stand up to countries that are starting fights. If something isn't done right away, the country could end up in another war it has no business being in.

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