Biden Approval Plummets to 38.7%, Matching Carter’s Low

In the latest review of President Joe Biden’s approval ratings, it seems the numbers are not looking too bright for ol’ Joe. With an average rating of 38.7 percent in his 13th quarter, it seems like Biden might as well grab his sunglasses because the future is looking pretty dim.

History has shown us that presidents generally need to keep that approval rating up around 50 percent if they want a shot at winning another round in the White House. And guess what? Biden is currently falling below that mark, joining the ranks of past presidents who struggled to keep their head above water in the polls.

The Gallup polling folks reported that only Jimmy Carter shares a similar fate with Biden in having such a low approval rating during their 13th quarter. And we all know how Carter’s reelection bid turned out – spoiler alert, it wasn’t pretty.

Compared to some of the big dogs in presidential history like Eisenhower and Reagan who were rockin’ high approval ratings, Biden’s numbers are more like a deflated balloon at a party no one wanted to attend. With rankings down in the 277th slot out of 314 presidential quarters dating back to 1945, it’s safe to say Biden’s not exactly winning the popularity contest.

So, what does this all mean for Biden’s chances of a repeat performance in the White House? Well, if history is any indication, it’s not looking too optimistic. Maybe it’s time for Biden to hit the reset button or start practicing his concession speech, because the numbers don’t lie, folks. And that’s the tea, or should we say, the bipartisan struggle in the Oval Office.

Written by Staff Reports

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