Trump Blasts GOP for Ignoring Biden’s Corruption!

President Donald Trump expressed his frustration with House Republicans on Tuesday night, criticizing them for their failure to take action on impeaching Joe Biden despite what he believes is “glaring evidence of corruption.” During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show, Trump lamented that he had once held the office of the president in high regard and didn’t want to say negative things about Biden. However, he argued that Biden’s ties to China, who reportedly gave him millions of dollars, compromised his presidency.

Trump questioned why Biden had not faced impeachment for allegedly receiving “tens of millions of dollars illegally from China,” particularly when he himself had been impeached over a phone call that he believed was perfect. The former president called on Republicans to “get tough before it’s too late,” suggesting that they should take action against Biden’s alleged corruption.

Echoing Trump’s sentiments, Fox News host Jesse Watters also expressed frustration with the lack of action from Republicans on the issue of Biden’s alleged corruption. Watters questioned why there seemed to be no discussion or consequences for Biden’s actions, asserting that “everybody already knows all of this stuff.” He criticized the seemingly endless cycle of hearings without any real outcomes and called for tangible consequences such as jail time or fines.

Written by Staff Reports

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